Ted Kasane or Kasane Ted
Ted Kasane


Chimera (by human standards, male)




150 lbs.




1979 April 1


2008 October 5

Vocal Range & Ideal Tempo

A3-E5, 70+ bpm

Voice Source

Teto Kasane


Pop, Anison

Character Item

French Bread

Ted Kasane is depicted as being the older brother, twin brother, or genderswap of Teto Kasane. He was created by Sakururi and introduced on October 5, 2008. His surname means Double Sound, Piled Up Sound, or Heavy Sound. Unlike Teto, Ted is usually accepted as being 31 years of age.


Ted is commonly portrayed as being a grumpy or angry character. He is seen as a perverted dork, and can sometimes be portrayed as sadistic.

An alternate portrayal of Ted is as a shota, which arose when higher pitched songs were published.


Ted has long pink hair in a ponytail with blood-red eyes. HIs earphones are pink with red illumination. He wears a dark gray suit with pink and red accents, derived from Teto's outfit.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Ted's voice configuration includes the default perimeters for Teto, with g+30.\

Ted And TetoEdit

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