Jounetsu Akane
Jounetsu Akane




Unknown-Probably early teens


112 lbs.



Character Item

Red camellia, red jelly beans

Jounetsu Akane is a fanmade UTAU by an unknown creator. His voice source is currently unknown. He speaks Japanese.


Jounetsu is a shy boy. He is, however, also very passionate when it comes to things he enjoys.


Jounetsu has bright multi-tone red-hair, with long bangs that are slightly parted in the middle of his forehead. The rest of his hair is cut short, at about chin length. He wears a white Toeto cap.

Jounetsu's design is meant to mimic a lute. In fact, he carries a lute on his back.

Jounetsu's main color scheme is white, crimson, and red.


This article is a WORK IN PROGRESS! Edit

We are still in the process of improving this article. Thank you for being patient.

Note: This article may permanantly remain a WIP due to the lack of information about the character.

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