This page will tell you how to set up a page for your fanmade group of characters. A group of characters can be a series type or a "band." A group of characters must have at least three members to be considered a group.

Note: This page is set up to mimic an actual article. You may add or remove sections, as long as most sections listed here are present.

Name of Group
Question Mark
Image of Characters in Group or Group Logo


List names of characters in group


Year, month, day


Name creator that either created the first character in group or came up with the idea of the group.


Pop, Rock, Energy, Ballad, etc.


Japanese, English, etc.


List other names that the group is known by

Include general information about the group and its creator(s). If the group has multiple creators, tell which one started the group.


Include information such as the inspiration for the group, early members of the group, evolution of the group, etc. You may want to split this up into subsections

Group RelationshipsEdit

Include information on how the group members interact with each other in general. You may also include more specific information, such as close friends, enemies, and romantic couples within the group.

Group MembersEdit

Provide links and give a very brief description of each character in the group.


Member 1, a <gender> member. <State status in group. (Leader, first member, relations to other members, etc.)>

Member 2, a <gender> member. <State status in group.>

Member 3, a <gender> member. <State status in group.>


Include various appearances, such as artwork, songs, etc., in a bulleted list.

Add categories. All pages should be under category "Fanmade Groups."