"Hello! I hope that my badly recorded voice will aid you in making music!"

Esuno Kangae
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28 or 14


1997 August 15

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Esuno Kangae is an utauloid created by Esupanitix. Though his full name is Esuno, he prefers to go by Esu.


Esu is very thoughtful, and is good at perception and calculation. He enjoys computing, Danmaku games, and music. He is probably somewhat of a loner, as he tends to be afraid of other people. He is also afraid of death and has arachnophobia. His main pet-peeve is stupidity.

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Esuno is probably a non-singing utauloid, though he may simply use his creator's voice.


  • Esu is allergic to pollen.
  • Because he has two possible ages, Esu may be non-human.
  • Esuno Kangae, when broken up, is esu no kangae. The English translation of this is "example of thought."
  • Esu's birth date is the same date as the release of Touhou 1.

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